Recycling of copper electrical cables

Valtellina Ecoricicli

Our new system for the cables treatment has recently become operational.

The cables from which we obtain the copper can be traditional, electric or coming from the automotive and telecommunication industry.

We are provided with a cutting-edge line including a compact pre-grinding and granulator machinery with a grinding capacity of 200 kg/h of low consumption cables per day that operates without producing polluting emissions in the atmosphere.

We also collect copper electric cables from sites or private dwellings, electric cables from civil and industrial demolitions and dismantlements as well as from companies in the electrical field.

Valtellina Ecoricicli

Our plant is able to obtain finely granulated copper by separating it from elements such as aluminium, bronze, brass and of course from all plastic materials.

A good recycling process leads to a reduced use of several raw materials such as, in this case, “copper”

For this purpose we are committed into reducing the mineral resources depletion by means of sustainable development systems..

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