Paper recycling



The waste paper processing has always been our core business..

Thanks to the experience acquired and our investments in plants and technologies, we can offer today a complete service of collection, selection, treatment and recovery of waste paper at a very competitive commercial costs.

The process begins with an accurate sorting of the collected materials (from companies, industrial activities, printers, publishing companies etc..) and this is exactly what permits the selection and the separation of the various type of waste paper.

Valtellina Ecoricicli

Paper is then packed and put back into the market (domestic, foreign paper mills) to be re-used.

Paper a “primary good” that cannot be wasted for two main reasons. First it is easily marketable and this brings great advantages cause it allows a substantial reduction of the volumes that are normally addressed to the disposal sites.

We process tons of waste paper on an early basis by collecting them, selecting them and finally addressing them to the more important paper mills.

TYPE C.E.R. 150101 – 150105 – 200101
The cut cardboards, wastepaper, archives, print-outs, mixed trimmings from typographies and bindings, books, magazines, white paper material for periodicals.

Selection by product category, elimination of impurities and contaminated materials, volumetric adjustment by compaction..

Secondary raw materials for paper and cardboard industry complying with the UNI-EN 643 standards concerning the production of cardboards, paper reams and paper coils.

Valtellina Ecoricicli

Thanks to our equipment, transportation facilities and plant we are able to serve either the small producer or the big industry.

In addiction, our high production horizontal press allows the processing and pack a huge quantity of waste paper.

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