The company was founded in the 50s by Aldo Racchella and then handed down to his children. The core business was mainly focused on the collection, selection and recycling of waste paper.

While keeping its core business in waste paper for over 60 years, Valtellina Ecoricicli is now a company that is successfully dealing with various type of recyclable waste such as plastic, waste paper, iron and non-iron materials, wood packaging and mixed materials packagings thanks to an efficient organization operating at domestic and international level.

Valtellina Ecoricicli

Moreover, apart from the historical core business in waste paper, Valtellina Ecoricicli has been able to successfully diversify its offer by providing new and important services such as the transport and recovery of non-dangerous special waste and the destruction of confidential archives and documents..


  • Collection, selection, treatment and recovery of waste paper
  • Collection, selection and treatment of iron materials
  • Collection, selection and treatment and recovery of non-iron materials
  • Confidential paper archives destructions
  • Non-dangerous special waste collection and transport
  • Disposal of non-dangerous special waste from the industrial and urban circuit
  • Waste material rationalization
  • Recovery operations by means of excavators, shovels, crawler cranes, trucks

We assure competence, expertise, technology, working procedures management, large working areas availability and an efficient organization.

Our services grant the optimization of the first deposit cycle, collection, transport and subsequent waste treatment..

Valtelina Ecoricicli - Azienda

At present we provide our collection services for all the provinces in the northern Italy and in other foreign countries. The collection is performed by means of systems that make possible to reach an annual collection volume equal to thousands of tons.

Morevover, we are witnessing an innovative and rapid territorial expansion because we firmly believe that the circular collection will lead to drastically reduce the quantity of waste that is normally addressed to waste disposal sites and incinerators.

Commercially speaking, our company is open to provide shipments of material not only within the domestic market but also in the European and international market by means of a a well-organized and consolidated land transport network.

Valtelina Ecoricicli - Azienda


Paper is a primary good that cannot be wasted because first of all it is easily marketable and then, by subtracting it to the disposal sites, the volume of waste to dispose will be extremely reduced at the minimum. Indeed, every day hundreds of tons of waste consisting of paper, iron and other materials are selected, sorted and addressed to the final users: paper mills, steel mills, etc…

Waste is then put back to the market for the benefit of the environment and the whole community since the separate collection sets itself as a shared duty.

Our recycling procedures cover the whole stage of paper transformation from waste to raw material. This is the best way in order to assure an actual recycling.

Indeed, we take care of the waste paper collection from our clients (Public or Private Bodies, Companies and private individuals) then we proceed into the sorting, separation by related product categories and volumetric adjustment. Finally, we deliver it back to the paper mills as secondary raw material to be re-used for the production of new paper, therefore assuring the recycling.


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