Iron recycling



The selection and sorting of iron, ferrous and non-ferrous scraps are two important activities to assure an actual recycling as well as to reduce the volumes of material that is generally addressed to the disposal sites.

IRON TYPE CER 150104-170405-170407-200140

  • Steel and alloys scraps;
  • Ferrous scraps from industrial and sites demolitions;
  • Metal packagings;
  • Iron and cast iron turnings;
  • Galvanized steel sheet and pantograph.


Stockpiling and eventual removal of undesired non-metal parts.


Iron scraps and similar products categories to be addressed to industries and companies as secondary raw material in compliance with the regulations.

Valtellina Ecoricicli


Our large working area of thousands of square meters hosts a press and a shear press, supported by loading systems for the internal transport and selection of iron scraps. We also process ferrous and non-ferrous scraps that are submitted to a volumetric adjustment by means of shear or press.

Valtellina Ecoricicli


Valtellina Ecoricicli also takes care of the recycling of a wide range of metal material such as copper, stainless steel, zinc, tinned copper, aluminium plates, etc..

Deliveries are carried out by our trucks and, in case of longer distances, we can easily arrange the deliveries through external transport firms.

Valtellina EcoricicliValtellina EcoricicliValtellina Ecoricicli


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